We are currently not taking orders that require shipping. Unfortunately, the warm weather requires a cooler pack and our supplier is not able to fulfill orders. We are also going to be out of the kitchen for a bit over the summer. Please contact us early if you have a toffee need and we’ll talk about a delivery or pickup option. Thank you for your understanding!


We only allow fresh product to leave our kitchen. Please allow 2-3 days for items to be shipped.

We now ship via UPS for more predictable service. If your destination must be shipped via USPS, please request it in the order notes. Shipping costs are per recipient and based on destination.


We have a short list of items that are cooler pack suitable and include the additional cost of a cooler pack ($12-15). If you're unsure of your destination's weather, choose one of these items and we'll check before we ship. Generally, we'll refund the cooler pack cost if the destination on delivery day is below 70 degrees. We don't recommend shipping to destinations over 80 degrees.